How to choose a camping tent when travelling

- Dec 03, 2019-

If you usually come to the mountain to play, and there is no hotel nearby, you can live in a tent. It's very important to choose a waterproof, strong, windproof and warm tent.

First of all, we should choose waterproof tents, waterproof materials nylon, polyester, silica gel, etc.

Then, choose the style of tent, hydraulic tent, automatic tent, manual tent and so on.

Finally, choose the size of the tent. There are usually single tent, double tent and family tent.

Considering the particularity of outdoor tent material, generally do not wash with washing powder or other washing materials, just wash with water directly, and do not brush with brush, prefer to directly dry in the shade rather than in the sun, which will accelerate aging. At the time of harvest, the top of the tent is the top, the bottom is fan-shaped and folded in half, and finally it is rolled up and put into the tent bag.

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