How to choose a camping tent?

- Feb 19, 2020-

1. Buying a tent depends on how many people use it. Assuming you are using 3 people,

Buy a 145-wide single-level quick-open tent with 3 poles and a double door.

In addition, you can buy another shade tent (2X2M shade tent with base cloth, only one side is covered with cloth and the other 3 are empty), because in the park, you cannot always sleep 3 people in the tent at the same time Can sleep 2 people in a tent,


2. Double-layer tent is suitable for camping outside, night or winter, because the double-layer windproof and rainproof effect is good.


3. It's not difficult to set up a camping tent. Have you ever seen the kind of mosquito nets in the past?

  The tent is the same, except that the two poles are crossed and then inserted along the pole sleeve. It is also good for automatic, but you need to buy the kind with good quality.

4. Matching to the moisture-proof pad

It is better to put a moisture-proof pad inside the camping tent, such as an aluminum film. If you want a sleeping bag to be more comfortable and enjoyable, you need to buy an automatic inflatable cushion.


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