How to check newly purchased tents

- Apr 29, 2019-

1. Do not open the tent with sharp objects. This will prevent damage to the cover.

2. Check whether the tent is damaged before use and deal with it in time if found.

3. Learn how to open according to the product instructions. Do not use brute force in this process to avoid breakage of the top cloth and bending of the bracket.

Open the bracket 50% - cover the top in the middle of the bracket - cover the four corners of the bracket - stretch out 90% on both sides - each bracket has four spring buckles, each attached to the square tube that moves up and down - pull the bracket up to a certain height and use it when there is no problem.

How to prevent the bottom of the tent from being damaged

Many friends who like to climb mountains must have encountered such a situation, so what should be done in this situation? Don't worry, let me give you a brief introduction.

1. If the bottom is uneven, and there is no thick floor mat easy to dig bad debts bottom, in general, you can find dead grass or leaves to spread the bottom to fill.

2. If the camping area is too small and cannot be cleaned, we have no choice but to spread out the tent and sleep where we can. The key is that the bottom of the tent should not be suspended to avoid breaking the bottom cloth.

3. This kind of situation is quite special, one time is to camp on the top of the mountain, find a piece of flat ground, can gas in the middle of a large stone protruding, with a knife to dig, root underneath, can not, also have to sleep. It was obvious that if the tent was pressed directly against the stone, the hanging cloth would be easily torn. The method is to tighten the awning pole when supporting the awning, and even find a few stones to press the awning pole, so as to make its amplitude bend more, the result is that the cloth at the bottom of the account is not propped open relatively loose, the cloth will not collapse very tight after pressing on the stone below. When my companions and I slept, the stone was between us, and we both slept on our sides. Of course, if the bending is too great to bend the canopy bar, you can use branches as above.

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