How to arrange production in busy season

- Sep 14, 2020-

The peak season is here, and the factory's production cannot keep up. What should I do if it does not work well? ? ?

Let's take a look at how to solve it, and it can be considered as an exchange with everyone.

1. Reasonably stock up in the off-season and concentrate on sales in the peak season. You must plan ahead. It is unreasonable to start horsepower processing and overtime until the real peak season comes. It should be estimated in advance for peak season sales and production and preparation in advance.

For example, regular old customers every year will place an order for outdoor rainwater collection buckets from about September to March of the following year. In the two months from July to August, when foreign guests are on vacation, we can properly arrange and customize the materials of the foldable water tank. This material preparation process is also a long time, so we can buy a lot of time.

2. Before the peak season arrives, it is necessary to prepare the peak season production schedule and process in advance, and timely purchase and prepare relevant materials and accessories, including other production and daily staff supplies, so that the chain will not fall at the critical moment.

For example, when an order for waterproof bags is placed, you must immediately remind the customer to pay the advance payment and inform the details of the waterproof bag, and then immediately make a production notice for the lightweight waterproof bag, ranging from accessories to the production of waterproof bags. All aspects such as process and packaging must be prepared in place to keep production time without delay.

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