How to arrange delivery time of all orders

- Dec 04, 2019-

For all the foreign trade export industry of outdoor garden products, as the last year of 2019 in December, are certainly very busy. The end of every year is busy.

Then how to arrange the delivery time of all orders reasonably in busy time?

For example, customer A ordered 10000 large collapsible rain barrels and required the delivery date to be December 20th. In addition, customer B ordered the green bags to water the trees and the delivery date was December 21st. Or customer C ordered the waterproof backpacks to be delivered in December.

And so on.

You might have several different orders coming in one day and then the containers coming in at the same time.

This time must not panic, according to the order, remember each order of the container number seal number, do not load the wrong goods, otherwise it will run into a disaster. It is a fatal mistake to give out a foldable rainwater collector bag or a tree bag bucket.

Therefore, carefully arrange the delivery date, carefully check the order and avoid some unnecessary mistakes are the things to remember when delivering goods at the end of the year

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