how other countries celebrate grand festival?

- Dec 25, 2019-

Christmas is coming. Besides Christmas tree and Santa Claus, do you know how other countries celebrate this grand festival? Let's take a look at some interesting activities held during the Christmas holidays abroad.

The British

British people in Christmas is the most attention to eat, food including roast pig, Turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas mince pie and so on. Every family member had gifts, and so did the servants, and all the gifts were delivered on Christmas morning. Some Christmas singers sing from door to door to bring good tidings. They are invited in by the host to be served with refreshments or given small gifts.

The United States

Christmas by the government as a public holiday in the United States, is the most lively festival, Christmas Eve is like Chinese New Year's eve, parents, brothers and sisters together, have a big dinner table, family reunion dinner together, after the children will be ready, cookies and milk on the Christmas tree, after waiting for Santa Claus to the taste, after the children fall asleep and parents will replace the Santa Claus will eat cookies and milk, said Santa Claus came, and will prepared gifts for children under the Christmas tree.

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