How does the factory respond to inspections?

- Jun 05, 2020-

How does the factory respond to inspections?

Factories that do import and export goods generally cannot avoid the customer inspection.

In fact, inspection is a very important part of the entire production process. Let's take a look at how to deal with inspection.

For example, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. today has a customer who arranges a third party to inspect the tree watering bags.

So, first of all, the inspection time must be set in advance, whether all the tree bags are required to be produced. In general, the inspection is to require all the treegator water bags  to be produced 100%. Most of the products are not produced, and there will be no garden tree bags at that time.

Secondly, when producing collapsible tree bags, we must know all the details of this order and produce them exactly according to the requirements, from the material, color, size, appearance, color card, packaging, etc. of the bush water bag. Check, complete large goods according to quality and quantity.

Thirdly, those who usually make bulk goods according to the requirements only need to cooperate with the inspection personnel during the inspection. For example, when filling a water bag with a water test, cooperate with him to fill the water bag with water, etc.

Finally, there is no problem with the inspection, you can arrange for loading and shipping.

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