How do the garden green houses work?

- Apr 19, 2020-

With the development of science and technology, large-scale planting will gradually replace traditional planting. Generally, film greenhouses are time-consuming, have a short service life, have poor effects, and crops are not guaranteed. The current large-scale glass greenhouses have light transmittance, thermal insulation, durability, The safety is better than traditional greenhouses

It is an advanced thermal insulation agricultural facility that creates a suitable environment for normal growth and rapid growth of crops. Of course, how to effectively ventilate new green houses is very important. Choosing and optimizing ventilation schemes is to reduce greenhouse for winter operating costs The key to improving the economic benefits of winter greenhouse operations. Ventilation is the basic condition for ensuring the normal growth of agricultural crops. Glass greenhouse ventilation methods can be basically divided into two types, namely natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation.

The natural ventilation of the  foldable greenhouse is to use the wind pressure and the heat pressure effect formed by the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the greenhouse to exchange the hot and cold air inside and outside the greenhouse, so as to achieve the goal of cooling in the greenhouse. It does not require ventilation and exhaust mechanical equipment required for mechanical ventilation, so it also saves operating costs. Therefore, when conditions permit, it should be adopted first.

Of course, a good ventilation system should meet: good ventilation capacity, reasonable indoor air distribution, ventilation system can easily adjust the amount of ventilation. Among them, the ventilation capacity is reflected in the size of the ventilation power and the size of the ventilation area. For natural ventilation, it is required to arrange the air inlet and the air outlet of the glass greenhouse at the lowest and highest places of the glass greenhouse, respectively, which can increase the thermal pressure difference and improve the driving force of ventilation.

portable greenhouses

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