How do I use a waterproof first aid bag?

- Feb 08, 2020-

How do I use a waterproof first aid bag?

Recently, due to the seriousness of the new coronavirus, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. donated a batch of waterproof first aid bags to the hospital.

So how will medical staff use these first aid bags?

First of all, these first aid bags are waterproof and made of high-quality waterproof and environmentally friendly fabrics.

Secondly, this waterproof first aid bag can be folded, which can save a lot of space and cost during transportation. Before loading medical supplies, it can be folded. After loading medical stuff, you can use the mouth of the first aid bag. Buckle secures.

Once again, the emergency bag is equipped with a shoulder strap, which can be used as a shoulder bag, and the backpack is also a waist bag. The hospital + logo is printed on the outside of the first aid bag. Convenient for everyone to understand and use.

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