how are waterproof bags made?

- Mar 09, 2020-

Now more and more people like to play outdoors. If you go to play in a place with water, you will inevitably need a waterproof bag, which can store your belongings and protect the items from getting wet.

So how are these waterproof bags made? Let ’s take a look together.

1: General waterproofing : Generally speaking, the general purpose of waterproofing is to use needlework to sew water-resistant fabrics, and then use waterproof adhesive tape to make the needlework holes unable to enter the water.

2: Professional waterproofing: There are two types of professional waterproofing:

A: Waterproof level is the highest requirement in terms of technology and materials. This type of waterproof bag is mostly used for outdoor drifting. The material is mainly 500D-1000D laminated net or TPU composite material. The process uses high frequency voltage hot melt to make two pieces. The materials are seamlessly fused and reinforced with transparent material with a bag mouth of about 15CM. The outer three folds and the inner three folds can be truly waterproof. (Inflatable can be used as a life buoy).

B: diving waterproof: there is a waterproof bag for phones or cameras on the market, which can be waterproof to 10 meters deep, and the waterproof clip can reach a depth of 10-20 meters underwater.

The waterproof lining used for 2-finger ski gloves is generally made of waterproof and breathable materials such as TPU or hipora.

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