Here are three things to watch out for when choosing a sleeping bag

- Apr 20, 2019-

Choose a good sleeping bag to reduce the weight and space of your backpack while hiking, to keep you warm during the day when the temperature starts to drop, and to improve the quality of your sleep at night. In addition, the sleeping bag is also the best "mobile bed" for self-drive and backpackers. Here are some tips for buying a sleeping bag.

When choosing a sleeping bag, be sure to note the temperature on the bag. Sleeping bags are usually labeled with two temperatures: comfort and extreme comfort. Comfortable temperature refers to the temperature at which the user can comfortably fall asleep in a relaxed sleeping position. The sleeping bag is selected according to this standard. Limit temperature is the temperature that won't get frostbite. What we need to know is that even a good sleeping bag does not generate heat itself, it just maintains the heat generated by the body. Before choosing a sleeping bag, be aware of your cold resistance, the clothing you will wear, and the minimum temperature you will be exposed to.

The fabric of a sleeping bag is the biggest factor affecting its warmth. There are two main types of packing in a sleeping bag: down and synthetic. Down bags have a higher thermal weight ratio and are more compressible, which means that at the same temperature, down bags have a lighter weight and a smaller volume, which reduces the burden of movement and lasts longer than synthetic fibers. The down, however, loses its ability to stay warm when wet and does not dry easily, but synthetic fibers retain their ability to stay warm and dry quickly when wet. On the price, down sleeping bag is more expensive. When choosing a sleeping bag, consider whether the environment is damp and whether there is a requirement for lightweight. Combine these two factors to choose the right fabric. There is also a fleece bag, which is usually used in the summer or above 25 ° c.

There are two common shapes for sleeping bags, the mummy bag and the envelope bag. Mummy style sleeping bag is also called mummy style sleeping bag. This kind of sleeping bag has human body design and usually has a hood. It is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. Drawback is, interior space is opposite narrow, mobile comfortableness is a few worse, suit the person with taller requirement to keep warm sex and bulk to use. The envelope-style sleeping bag is as wide as the top and bottom, like an envelope, generally loose, with large internal space and zipper on the side and bottom. It can be used as a quilt after opening, but its heat preservation is slightly poor, suitable for people who do not have high requirements for heat preservation. In addition, each bag comes in a different size, so we can choose the size according to our height.

Sleeping bags are essential for camping, and a good one will help us sleep better and prepare us for the next day's outdoor activities. Sleeping bags are also the most effective way to keep your body warm. For travelers with lightweight requirements, choosing a quality sleeping bag can greatly reduce weight and provide a better outdoor experience.

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