Happy Christmas

- Dec 20, 2019-

Christmas is a very lively traditional festival for people in European and American countries, similar to the Chinese New Year.

A lot of outdoor garden supplies guests, of course, also want a holiday. According to our understanding of the old guests, for example.

German customers, for example, buy tree bags and collapsible rain buckets, and they often arrange what they should before Christmas.

American guests, for example, are almost unresponsive when contacted over Christmas. Last year, an American customer came to us and ordered a waterproof bag. We communicated with him about the details, but there was no reply to the waterproof bag during Christmas.

For example, the Dutch customer ordered the outdoor portable shower bag, and there was no email exchange during Christmas. We sent Christmas wishes, but of course we sent them in advance. We replied and said thank you.

So, during the Christmas period, important things should be done in advance, and then send holiday wishes to the guests in advance.

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