garden irrigation

- Oct 15, 2019-

Landscape irrigation

Irrigation is generally divided into sprinkler irrigation, micro-sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation.

Garden irrigation, depends on the size of the garden, planting and so on to consider comprehensively. Ordinary Family Gardens use drip irrigation more often. If you have a larger garden, it may be better to spray it with micro-spray.

Automatic irrigation system for small gardens

The goal is simple: automatic irrigation can be achieved when people are not at home / lazy, and the same can be set to a fixed amount of time per day to water. Pure open-loop control system, very simple.

The first step is to connect the water source to the garden and install solenoid valves.

My family's situation is quite special, decoration did not think that the South Terrace needs a tap, so only from the North Terrace roof connected with the water pipe. With solar energy aluminium plastic tube, Taobao pile. The only thing to note is the connector. After all, it's not the same as the standard 4/6'connector. You can choose the better connector.

Installation location, take the pipe to be convenient, there must be a power supply on the side, the location of the power socket should be WiFi coverage.

Then the solenoid valve is electrified through the millet socket. The water work will be finished.

The second step is the water pipe in the small garden.

With water, the next task is to pour out the water. So in view of my wife's idea that watering flowers is also entertaining, there are two sets of watering. A pure manual system with flower sprinklers.

Use PVC hose connection.

The pipeline of the automatic watering part is a 7mm hose, which can be exchanged with the water gun at any time with the following connector.

Finally, all kinds of hoses are used to connect the water pipe.

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