functions of outdoor first aid kit

- Jun 22, 2020-

The function of outdoor first aid kit:

The outdoor first-aid kit is mainly used for the first-time rescue treatment in case of accidents such as injury, illness, bite by snakes and insects.

The first aid kit abroad is directly called First Aid, which means the first time rescue. When an accident comes, the first treatment is often very critical, even life-related. Therefore, the outdoor first-aid kit should be a key piece of equipment that everyone should be fully prepared for each outdoor trip. It is possible that this small bag is useless in a backpack for one or two years. But once an accident occurs, it will play a huge role.

In addition to the medicine part, the necessary external medical equipment should also be equipped, including band-aid, gauze, elastic bandage, first aid blanket, etc. Before you leave, you must read the drug instructions carefully, remembering the usage, dosage and contraindications of each drug.

Regularly check the production date and shelf life of the medicines in the first-aid kit to ensure that all medicines in the first-aid kit are within the shelf-life, to prevent more trouble caused by overdue misuse.

There are many types of first-aid kits themselves. The first-aid kits produced by LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. are outdoor waterproof first-aid kits that can be folded and made of hot-pressed machines using PVC clip fabric. The size of the first aid kit is not the same, there are 15L-100L sizes, and then this foldable first aid kit is also equipped with a shoulder strap, which can be used as a backpack on the body.

The first-aid kit can be used as a daily storage bag in addition to the emergency supplies.

In fact, the things in the first-aid kit are useful not only when injured, but also in other situations. For example, band-aids can temporarily repair damaged jackets, raincoats, sleeping bags, tents, etc. In addition to bandaging, gauze can also be used as a source of filtered water, and elastic bandages can be used as temporary knee pads and ankles when sprained joints, to help ligament recovery, can also be used Temporary emergency hemostasis is brought to use.

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