Free medical masks from Lohas Industrial Co Ltd

- Mar 13, 2020-

This Wednesday, the leader of Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. gathered all the social resources and bought 5,000 medical masks.

These 5,000 medical masks are all free to send to customers who have cooperated with our company and those who will soon cooperate with us.

Because the epidemic of the new coronavirus has spread not only in China, but also around the world. Many of our guests come from Europe and the United States, such as the American and German customers who have been ordering tree bags, and the old customers who have foldable rain buckets. For eight years, we have ordered several rainwater collectors of different sizes. Some customers who order waterproof backpacks come from France. Every year from spring to spring is their peak sales season, but this year they said that the epidemic situation is more serious. They may also worry about the sales of tree bags, waterproof bags, water buckets and other products. Because their employees will need to work more.

China is the factory of the world, and it has outstanding ability in producing masks. In order to alleviate the anxiety and reality of the guests, our company has decided to mail the masks to the customers who have cooperated for free. I hope they can survive this difficult time.

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