foldable rainwater bucket SEO

- Dec 18, 2019-

 Do outdoor supplies, garden supplies export, website SEO is inevitable.

For example, I often publish new products on the website, such as foldable rainwater bucket, tree bag, waterproof bag, waterproof bag, shower, portable pressure bag, bath bag, camping tent, shower tent, foldable rainwater collection bucket, etc.

During the period, I also received many inquiries from customers, including shower, folding bucket, picnic bag, picnic mat, etc. the best inquiries are tree bags and rain buckets. Because these two products I am the main push, often release the content of these two products to the website.

This is the best quality after I do SEO, at least someone is willing to pay for the sample fee, and then asked for the sample picnic bag.

I sum up the failure experience. I didn't do enough homework when I investigated the guests. I'm sorry.

When reading, the outside world always says that no pains, no gains. Live to this age, personally realize that sowing may not have flowers, beginning may not have results, efforts may not have returns.

This is the normal state of the world.

So it is the same with foreign trade. Not every inquiry can be concluded at last. Let it go.

I believe that in the days to come, there will always be customers who place orders, rain buckets or picnic bags, and there will always be new customers.

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