foldable rain barrel payment terms

- Jun 08, 2020-

Foldable rain barrel payment terms:

Recently, countries with serious new coronaviruses, such as the United States. Many export factories will be vigilant.

For example, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. has a large number of customers from the United States. 

Some of them order 75L tree bags, which are water bags for irrigating plants, and some order foldable rainwater tanks, buckets used to collect rainwater, and some are When we purchase multi-functional waterproof bags, there are camping inflatable mats, beach mats, beach bags, and many other outdoor camping products and some garden aquatic products.

For so many American guests, we actually have arrangements.

During the epidemic, we sent free masks, disposable masks, and KN95 masks to all American guests.

For customers who have already placed orders with us, such as waterproof backpacks, picnic bags and other orders, try to arrange their delivery as early as possible.

For those who have special requirements, such as those requesting payment delays, generally happy customers, we will also agree. For example, there was an American customer last week. We purchased rainwater collection barrels from us and asked for payment within 10 days after shipment.

However, for those American guests who are cooperating for the first time, or cooperating once or twice, it is best to be vigilant, and it is best to be able to get the money back before shipment to avoid accidents.

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