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- Aug 03, 2020-

When is it appropriate to urge guests to make a payment?

A factory that exports outdoor products has had such a difficult time, and contacted a customer. For example, they made a foldable outdoor rainwater tank and followed up for a long time. Even the customer confirmed SALE CONFIRMATION and promised to pay you, or go The bank opened a letter of credit, but in the following days, the customer's payment was indefinite, and there is no more information. Such a mood is really maddening, hehe, I believe that most foreign trade people have had such a real experience. Such a business experience is actually really uncomfortable. It is like a hungry person watching a good meal. I want to have a big meal, but there is a glass in the middle, I can only see, I can only imagine that I cannot eat. Well, let's not say so many opening remarks, just talk about the real dunning experience of Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd.

First: confidence and good business mentality

This stage really tests the psychological quality and patience of a salesperson. First, let us calmly analyze some of the key points at this stage. Generally speaking, the customer confirms the order, confirms the sales confirmation, and even promises in the mail for a certain period of time. Will pay us within. Generally speaking, customers recognize our price advantage and transaction terms. For example, the number, price, and delivery date of rainwater buckets, and the basic information, materials, dimensions, payment, and packaging of the rainwater collection box have been confirmed. Just pay this link.

Then we don't have to worry about it.

It's just that we don't understand some situations that customers delay the payment time, so you should have confidence. Remember not to scare yourself, for a salesperson, the confidence to win the order is still very important.

What I have always emphasized when doing foreign trade is the mentality, especially at such special moments. The correct mentality is that you should tell yourself that as long as I do the work to be perfect, send him the design draft of the 225L rain bucket color box for confirmation. Send him the material certification of the pvc mesh rainwater tank for review, and send the information about the large-volume bucket that has been published before, and so on. The details are in place, and the sincere and smooth communication with customers should be my job. It will be mine, and at the same time I will accept the result of this order naturally. If you have this kind of mentality, you will go lightly when dealing with such things.

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