fleece fabric Classification

- Sep 27, 2019-

Fleece fabric is the fabric with fleece on the surface after being woven into the fabric, after being polished and combed, generally pure polyester, polyester cotton, pure cotton is very few, pure cotton is not easy to fleece.


 Due to different ways of fleecing and different materials used, there are a variety of fleecing materials. Outdoor use fleece is roughly can realize the function of the following aspects: to keep warm, windproof, lightweight, quick-drying, wear-resisting, easy to extend, compression and easy to manage, antistatic, water proof, etc., the fleece common outdoor use most of the implementation of one or more of these features, so if the segmentation or many, is divided into two categories according to the main function simplified here, one is warm; Second, wind protection. In fact, fleece is often a multi-functional combination, just to facilitate the selection of reference, rough classification.



 1. Warm fleece


Most of this kind of fleece is made of single material by weaving or bonding. At present, most of the materials are polyester, which I think is mainly because this material has the characteristics of fast drying. Early use of wool, as the progress of science and technology, gradually replaced by chemical fiber materials, recent seems to have a trend back.


In fact, this kind of fleece is very much, general leisure type also has, outdoor fabrics are countless, a variety of patterns, both professional fabric manufacturers, there are also major outdoor brand own, the choice is really more trouble. The fabrics involved in the following are only those I have touched, and there are many that I have not seen. Please add them when you are free.


2. Windproof fleece

 As the fleece is not windproof, it needs to be used together with the outer layer, which limits the scope of fleece to some extent. Some manufacturers have improved the windproof performance by retaining the original performance, while other comprehensive performance has also been greatly improved, I refer to windproof fleece is actually not accurate, but because the windproof performance is the key to improve, so let it be simple, forgive me! There are two forms of this kind of fleece that I've seen so far. Second, compound. The so-called dense pile is to increase the windproof performance of the fabric by improving the fleece density of the fabric. However, the composite form is much more complex. Basically, it is a three-layer sandwich structure.


In general, windproof fleece with the same thickness and similar thermal performance of fleece material is better than that of warm fleece. It should be noted that thickness is still the main factor determining the thermal insulation performance. The thermal insulation performance of windproof fleece is improved because of the existence of a film.

 1) dense velvet

 There are a lot of instructions about this fleece on the Internet, so I won't talk too much about it. In my personal opinion, the compression performance is ok, better than 200 fleece, but not as good as THERMAL PRO. The wind resistance is a little better than normal fleece, but I won't use it as a windbreaker. Fleece outside, should not be worn outside alone.

 2) compound

 With the progress of technology, this kind of fabric develops most rapidly and has stronger functions. It has broken through the original concept of soft shell and become the most widely used outdoor fabric. Because of the way with composite materials is different, this kind of fabric I already unable to separate is introduced, and the hands of this kind of fabrics finished relates only to a very small part of this kind of fabric, so can only talk about feelings, in the introduction of the finished product at the back of this kind of fabric one thing in common is that windproof ability stronger, some close to the charge of garment, but compression ability and the fabrics feel not so good.

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