First aid supplies such as face mask

- Apr 01, 2020-

First aid supplies attention issues


1. First-aid supplies must be completely sealed and packed in first-aid kits. Although first-aid kits must be waterproof, double insurance is more secure for the life to be rescued.

2. Try to choose medicines that do not cause a strong allergic reaction, such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Do not choose penicillin. Otherwise they will kill patients in panic or ignorance!

3. The first aid kit is best to choose those with strong handles or hooks. In some cases, you need to hang the first aid kit for some climbing actions, which will be more convenient.

4. There must always be a good pen and book in the first aid box. Pay attention to the patient's situation at all times. The doctor will thank you for this when you send it to the hospital.

When configuring a first aid kit, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. It is impossible for you to bring everything and save N people.

2. You cannot completely cure the patient. Everything you do is to extend the patient's life until the rescue arrives or is sent to the hospital.

3, sometimes you may have some long-term plans, I will specifically explain below.

List of trauma treatment tools: bandages, alcohol cotton, alcohol, medical tape, surgical gloves, alcohol cotton pads, triangle bandages, sterilized gauze pads, surgical suture needles, mouth-to-mouth artificial respiratory masks, and band-aids.

List of medicines for common diseases: non-penicillin antibiotics, intestinal sedatives, gastrointestinal sedatives, analgesic tablets, antipyretic tablets, cooling oils, peppermint oil under the nose, ulcer patches, potassium permanganate, life-saving drugs (antibiotics, analgesics, hemostatic agents).

Other accessories: multifunctional knife, pen, notebook, flashlight, vitamin effervescent tablet, thick soup treasure, space blanket.

Sort the trauma treatment appliances carefully and wrap them in a transparent plastic bag. Cool oil, alcohol, pens, and other supplies should be sealed with a candle dripping wax to prevent evaporation. Electric appliances such as flashlights should be inverted to prevent accidental impact. Run out of power.

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