exchange rate inflence on China export trade

- Oct 29, 2019-

The influence of exchange rate on import and export trade

The level of exchange rate is a major factor affecting import and export trade. The common sense of economics tells us that the appreciation of the local currency means the devaluation of other countries' currencies. When conducting export trade, the same goods importing countries need to provide more domestic currencies. Therefore, the importing countries may turn to other countries' commodities, which is not conducive to their exports. The devaluation of the local currency means that the currency of other countries will appreciate. Importing the same goods requires more local currency, which is not conducive to the export of other countries.

In recent years, due to some reasons, the exchange rate changes rapidly. In the field of outdoor industry, for example, tents, sleeping bags, picnic mats, picnic bags, showers, water bags, rain buckets and other products exported from China to the United States have been greatly affected.

Therefore, when the Sino US trade is blocked, the Chinese counterparts of outdoor exports have turned their markets to other European, Asian and Southeast Asian countries. After long-term efforts, China's outdoor products are well received.

Due to some political reasons, there have been many frictions in China US trade in the past year. Fortunately, at present, the frictions have been lifted. We hope that foldable rain buckets, tree bags, water bags and other products can become the favorite products of the American people again.

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