Do you know how to use a sleeping bag in outdoor camping?

- Apr 14, 2019-

Nowadays, outdoor sports are becoming more and more popular. Many people choose to be backpackers, camping or exploring. If they want to sleep comfortably and safely, they should learn how to make full use of sleeping bags. There are many external factors that affect the performance of a sleeping bag. It is important to note that the sleeping bag itself does not generate heat.

In the wild, a windproof tent provides a warm sleeping environment. When choosing a camp, don't choose a valley floor where cold air accumulates, and try to avoid ridges or depressions that withstand strong winds. A good waterproof pad can effectively separate the sleeping bag from the cold damp floor, inflatable effect is better, in the snow with two ordinary waterproof pad.

Keep your sleeping bag dry

The water that a sleeping bag sucks is not primarily from the outside world, but from the human body. Even in extremely cold conditions, the body will still expel at least a small cup of water when sleeping. Insulation cotton in the damp will bond and lose elasticity, insulation capacity decline. If sleeping bag USES many days continuously, had better be able to bask in air below the sun. Wash your sleeping bag regularly to keep the insulation elastic.

Warm up before going to bed

The body is the source of heat in a sleeping bag, and a little warm-up or a hot drink before bed will raise your body temperature slightly and help shorten the time it takes to warm up. Our bodies are more comfortable at night when we store enough calories.

Put on more clothes

Some loose clothes can also be used as thickening nightclothes, take off the unnecessary clothes, circle grow stick shape, put on the side of the body, increase the thickness between the sleeping bag and the tent, fill the gap between the person and the sleeping bag, reduce the loss of temperature speed, make the sleeping bag warm.

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