Collapsible water tank production

- Nov 25, 2019-

Some outdoor products, such as rain buckets, large rain collectors, large folding buckets, fishing buckets and other factories, in received orders from foreign guests, will immediately arrange the production of these outdoor buckets. Work at ordinary times, however, is mainly engaged in the planning department order plan, follow up purchasing large bucket materials, accessories and so on, but I found planning departments to do plan orders is a mess, but also is not very reasonable, as a production enterprise, in the present market is so competitive circumstances, in order to make the customer market share continuously improve, enterprises should be from all aspects of the customer to meet their needs, such as after-sales service, product price advantage, delivery speed, etc, to improve products, as enterprise backstage documentary of purchasing personnel, it is important to note the following points.

First of all: every production planning or production enterprises are faced with: a rain bucket, large water tank, foldable outdoor bucket, such outdoor bucket products in the market is welcome. The cost of producing these buckets. You should think in the context of the company as a whole.

In the production of buckets, rainwater collectors of the raw materials skyrocketing today, some customer orders do not make money, so will drag on, this is no way out.

You have too little power. Three, you should schedule (which is the important customer, which is the individual customer, which is the new customer) to the customer classification management, not all the customer orders to meet. Some words are hard to explain at the top, you should know better.

Iv. Timely and upward reminder, for example, if the raw materials of major customers have not arrived, please timely urge according to the production cycle and give pressure to the head.

Five, the production of rain bucket surplus material, can do first do, such as first do a semi-finished product, is also a way to shorten the delivery time.

Sixth, may substitute for use, economy is the absolute truth.

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