Collapsible rainwater tank

- Mar 30, 2020-

Spring is already here, and it is raining in Qingming season.

Spring is a rainy season. Some time ago, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. has successively received returns from old customers about rain buckets.

Regarding the collapsible rain bucket we produce, it is really a good container for receiving rainwater. This rainwater collector bucket is really amazing.

At the water inlet of the collapsible rainwater tank, a pipe is connected and the pipe is connected to the eaves, and the rainwater can automatically leave the rainwater tank directly through the pole.

Then, after the water in this rain bucket is full, you can directly close the lid and pull the zipper.

Then take a pipe to its water outlet and directly use it to irrigate flowers and trees, wash cars and showers, bathe pets and so on. Very convenient.

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