Collapsible rainwater bucket VS non-collapsible rainwater bucket

- Sep 30, 2019-

Collapsible rainwater bucket and non-collapsible rainwater bucket

 These years, people all like collapsible rainwater bucket in irrigation garden in stead of non-collapsible rainwater bucket? 


Here we give you some reasons why collapsible rain barrels are so popular?

 Collapsible rain bucket, as its name implies, is a collapsible rain bucket, which is a relatively frequent irrigation product used in the garden irrigation industry in recent years. Its biggest advantage is that it can be folded, easy to open and use, when not in use can be stored, easy without pressure.

 And can fold rain water bucket to still have a characteristic is light, take at any time conveniently put, won't resemble the kind of plastic bucket of tradition is ponderous, not easy move, occupy a place.

 Compared with the price, the collapsible rain tank is more economical in the material cost and the price is more affordable. Is your garden irrigation indispensable garden products.

 In addition to being used for garden irrigation, the collapsible rain bucket can also be used as a bath bucket in your bathroom, simply by inserting a pole into the bucket and filling it with water. After taking a shower, pour water

 Non-collapsible rain bucket, using traditional plastic material, heavy, not easy to take, not easy to store, take up space, high cost.

 Unable to fold, hard to take out, it is very heavy.

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