Collapsible rain barrel 's new market

- Jul 23, 2020-

Collapsible rain barrel 's new market 

Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. has been exporting outdoor products for more than ten years. The exported products include foldable rainwater tanks, waterproof backpacks, waterproof bags, buckets, travel bags, portable pressure bags, outdoor inflatable cushions, outdoor picnic mats, picnic bags, etc. Most of these products are sold to European and American countries.

In recent years, we have also been actively exploring new markets. Every year when European and American guests spend their summer vacation, we are doing new market development work.

The development of a new market is not limited to the expansion of the existing outdoor product market after the market is saturated. In order to expand the benefits and seek new resources, it can also be the transfer of resources when the existing product market is under pressure under the fierce competition. Vertical competition and horizontal extension of benefits make the two complementary means.

However, the expansion of the new market is not as easy as we imagined. First, we do not have enough product positioning and awareness. Second, we don’t know anything about the needs and requirements of this new market. Furthermore, many people have already established themselves in this industry. Heel, if you want to cross a bar, you are bound to be squeezed out and suppressed. If you don't have enough ability, you may be overwhelmed by the pressure and run away.


Market research is very important. Specifically, it can be based on online questionnaires, old customer consultations, new customer questions and answers, customs export data collection and analogy, and observation of similar products on large B2B and B2C such as large-volume buckets, fishing buckets, outdoor drinking water tanks, and garden irrigation. Start by observing the sales points and sales trends of products such as bags, outdoor foot shower bags, shower tents, observing the sales points and product sales trends of leading companies in foreign target markets, and observing the sales points and product sales trends of major domestic competitors.

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