Collapsible rain barrel Install Instruction

- Aug 13, 2020-

Collapsible rain barrel Install Instruction

As an export company, there will certainly be complaints from customers over time.

Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. has also encountered complaints from customers.

Once, we received a complaint from a customer who ordered a foldable rainwater bucket, saying that our rainwater collector was leaking. The after-sales staff immediately contacted the customer and asked them to inform the leaking part of the rainwater tank. After receiving the customer's picture, it was found that the problem was with the bottom fitting of the large-volume water tank. The customer had forgotten to pad the gasket before installing the faucet.

Therefore, we immediately sent an installation video to the guest, asking him to install the rain bucket according to the instructions in the video. The guests sent an email soon stating that there was no problem with the foldable bucket.

Therefore, if you receive a customer complaint email, reply immediately without delay. Even if you say that I am investigating, you have to reply first. Otherwise, the customer feels that you are not sincere to solve it, but ignore him, and will be even more angry.

Summarize the experience, as follows:

a) First, he fully understands the leakage of the 225L rainwater tank he said. I saw that there was indeed water seepage at the bottom of the garden irrigation bucket.

b) If it is your own fault, you must apologize immediately.

c) If you need to investigate the situation, tell the customer that we have reported to the boss, and immediately find a meeting with the relevant department to investigate the matter. Can you provide further details, such as taking a photo, how many goods are in question, etc.... Then we can further solve the leakage situation, find that the customer has not followed the portable rain bucket as required, and finally solve the problem.

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