Christmas greetings to guests of tree bags

- Dec 23, 2019-

First of all, you need to know your customers. This depends on how much you value your customers. If you have few customers and you value them, you can send them in a short and sincere email.

Can be issued by product category, such as outdoor products, garden products, etc.

For example, last Friday, I sent Christmas greetings to guests of tree bags, rain buckets, waterproof bags, showers, and some bathing bags and buckets.


If there are too many customers, customers can be roughly divided into three categories: young customers, middle-aged customers, and elderly customers. The subject matter of young customers' emails is relatively new. Middle-aged customers can choose more sensational emails. Older customers are more sincere. All three are sent in bulk


The last is the choice and format of Christmas greetings. It is strongly recommended not to simply copy Christmas greetings on the Internet, and select and adapt them according to your own situation. In order to show respect for customers, you can add the dear xxx, dearxxx ( (Chinese and English as the case may be), plus you are the xxx of xxx company, connect the blessing, it is perfect.

Of course, if the company has an event, you can also show the content and form of the event to the customer. It is recommended to describe in your own words. Do not send a link. This is easy to be offensive. It is not too late to send a link when the customer returns to the SMS consultation

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