child masks required from USA

- Jul 16, 2020-

New Coronary Pneumonia has lasted for a long time, and many countries have resumed production and daily work. But some countries are still very serious, such as the United States.

Recently, many American companies have also received requests for customized masks. This week, an American company requested 400,000 custom-made child masks.
We have exported many batches of disposable masks for children. The price quoted to the customer is also very advantageous, and the customer requirements are also very strict. In response, we also made a clear reply, as follows.
Regarding your two questions.
The first question, we have cooperated with hospitals or government agencies, and when the new coronary pneumonia was severe, we donated masks to Wuhan Hospital.
The second question, the quotation provided, we have sent the quotation form to your company in the first email. Please see the attachment.
Because my English expression may be lacking, I cannot fully comprehend the question you are asking. If this email has not answered your question. Could you please help to firm up your question?
After receiving the quotation and e-mail, the guests indicated that they were very willing to cooperate in the next step.
However, in China, the export of masks is still very tight and the requirements are very strict. Ordinary companies cannot export masks, but our LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. is a brother company that specializes in the production of masks. The export quality and certificates are completely OK.
So, friends with mask orders, please feel free to contact us.
Thank you

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