canton fair

- Oct 12, 2019-

China Import and Export Commodity Fair is Guangzhou Fair, which is called Canton fair in English. Founded in the spring of 1957, it is held in Guangzhou in spring and autumn every year. It has 57 years'history since 2014. It is a comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most variety of commodities, the largest number of visitors and the best trading effect in China. Since the 101st session on April 15, 2007, the Canton Fair has been renamed the China Import and Export Commodity Fair by the China Export Commodity Fair, which has changed from a single export platform to a two-way import and export trading platform. On October 15, 2012, the 112th Canton Fair opened. Although the global market is still in a state of continuous cooling, the traditional advantages of China's foreign trade development have not been fundamentally weakened.


The China Import and Export Commodity Fair is composed of 48 trading groups. Thousands of foreign trade companies, production enterprises, scientific research institutes, foreign-invested/wholly-owned enterprises and private enterprises with good credit and strong strength participate in the exhibition.


China's Import and Export Commodities Fair has flexible and diverse trade modes. In addition to the traditional look-and-see transactions, it also organizes online Exhibition. The Canton Fair mainly focuses on export trade and import business. It can also carry out various forms of economic and technological cooperation and exchanges, as well as business activities such as commodity inspection, insurance, transportation, advertising and consultation. Businessmen from all over the world gather in Guangzhou to exchange business and enhance friendship.


The Canton Fair is held in three stages, each of which has a different scope of participation.


Phase I: Large machinery and equipment, small machinery, bicycles, motorcycles, automotive accessories, chemical products, hardware, tools, vehicles (outdoors), construction machinery (outdoors), household appliances, electronic consumer goods, electronic and electrical products, computer and communication products, lighting products, building and decorative materials, bathroom equipment, imported exhibition area.


Phase II: Kitchen utensils, household ceramics, craft ceramics, household decorations, glass crafts, furniture, knitting and rattan iron crafts, garden products, iron and stone products (outdoor), household goods, personal care appliances, bathroom supplies, watches, glasses, toys, gifts and gifts, Festival supplies, native products (109 new editions).


Phase III: Men's and women's wear, children's wear, underwear, sportswear and leisure wear, fur, leather, down and products, clothing accessories and accessories, home textiles, textile raw materials and fabrics, carpets and tapestries, food, medicine and health products, medical equipment, consumables, dressings, sports and Tourism leisure products( camp shower, rain barrel, tree watering bag, garden irrigation kit, water tank, water carrier ,waterproof bags ,etc.) , office stationery, shoes, bags.

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