Camping outdoor factory situatioin

- Mar 29, 2020-

Recently, there are many outdoor products, and the peers of garden products talk about the issue of hiring employees.

Most factories in China have now resumed work.

The workers of LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. have also arrived one after another.

Because of the accumulated waterproof bag orders, foldable rain bucket orders, tree bag orders, picnic backpack orders, emergency tent orders, waterproof first-aid kit orders, etc., there are quite a lot of orders.

Recently, the factory has also recruited a lot of workers to speed up the production schedule in preparation for timely delivery.

However, there are also some small businesses, where the original orders are not many, and then the new orders are small, and they will face the phenomenon that workers do not have work to do in the factory, and there may be layoffs.

This is the case, for example, in a factory that produces accessories for outdoor products not far from us.

We usually go to this accessory factory to purchase rain bucket poles, rain bucket inlets, foldable bucket outlets, switches, woven bags in waterproof bags, and so on.

So this is both a serious challenge and an opportunity. I hope everyone can get through this time and wait for the spring to bloom.

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