Busy season of Lohas Industrial Co Ltd

- May 13, 2020-

Summer is coming soon, and the epidemic is almost under control. It is time to bring a picnic mat, picnic bag, prepare food, and an appointment with friends and family to go out for a picnic.

Then when you go out for a picnic, you need to use a variety of picnic supplies, such as beach mats, beach bags, picnic baskets, picnic backpacks and so on. LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd., recently the orders for picnic bags, picnic mats, camping tents, outdoor inflatable mats, waterproof backpacks and other outdoor products have also increased dramatically, and production is very busy.

Every day, several containers arrive at the factory to pull the goods. Yesterday it was a collapsible rain bucket, and a 40-foot container was pulled away. There were also two 20-foot container camping tents.

Today, I just arrived in a 60-foot container. They came to take beach mats to the shipping port. The workers came in and out. They had to work a little overtime for an hour or two at night.

Because of the epidemic situation, many orders are concentrated during this time. Usually foldable rainwater tanks, tree bags, shower tents, shower bags and other products are shipped by sea. Many customers now choose railways, because railways are twice as fast as ocean freight.

I hope that all orders can be shipped smoothly and on time. Guests can also happily receive our outdoor supplies and garden supplies.

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