Backpack structure

- Mar 14, 2020-

Backpack structure

In 1997, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. published an article entitled "Mountain Bags" in Beijing's "Tourism" magazine. For the first time, the concept of a mountaineering backpack is divided into three parts, namely a carrying system, a loading system and an external system. Later, many articles followed this formulation, and practice has proved that this division is reasonable and accurate. Each of the three main sections fulfills its responsibilities and assumes different responsibilities.

Bearing system: The function of the bearing system is to ensure the bearing and comfortable bearing.

The structure includes a shoulder strap, a chest strap, a waist belt, a shoulder force belt, a bottom force belt, a support device, a ventilation device and an adjustment device (called five belts and three devices). The backpack system is the core of backpack technology. The biggest difference between backpack performance is the backpack system. The backpack system of the high-performance mountaineering bag is not only designed with ventilation in mind, but also promotes gravity transfer, strong load bearing and comfort.

The burden of science is realized in gradual development. In the early days of backpack support, U-tubes and double aluminum bars were often used. The improved backpack uses a “∏” -shaped aluminum plate with touch screen support and is shaped according to the bending of the body. To improve the performance of backpacks, European backpack manufacturers invented the "TCS" backpack system. This kind of backpack is supported by the alloy tube frame, and the titanium alloy tube shape with high strength and high elasticity is selected, thereby greatly reducing the weight of the material and making its stress intensity higher and more balanced. Its large size adds lumbar support to the backpack, making the load smoother. In order to solve the problem of lifting the head when traveling, the system designed an embedded headrest. In order to adapt to the body and personality of different backpackers, some backpacks can be opened with padded cushions, and a cushion can be added to resolve the contradiction between the weak point of the hip support and the weak point. The humanized design keeps the "TCS" backpack system leading in the performance evaluation of European mountaineering bags for six consecutive years, and is called "smart backpack system".

The ventilation of the carrying system is an important indicator of carrying comfort. Manufacturers often use soft, ventilating material to swell, and the shoulders are designed as soft cushions. Adjustable ventilation pads are installed at the fulcrum of the waist to form a saddle shape in the longitudinal and transverse directions. good ventilate.

The backpack system adjustment device was developed on the basis of a fixed device. The fixed structure can only adapt to a specific height, which is very inconvenient to use. Therefore, manufacturers have developed adjustable backpacks (usually used for European backpacks). The adjustable backpack is divided into up and down adjustment: upward adjustment is usually provided with a step adjustment device at the root of the shoulder strap, and downward adjustment is provided with an adjustment device in the middle of the belt. Although both types of adjustment methods can adjust the receding distance according to the shape of the person carrying the backpack, there are certain limitations. In order to resolve this contradiction, the manufacturer has developed a stepless adjustment of the waist and shoulder connection, which completely overcomes the limitations of the first two adjustment methods. You can adjust the back to the right position according to personal needs to find the best feeling. There are still some brands that use a fixed structure (common in American bags). They consider the fixed type to be more stable and use different numbers of S-L to accommodate height.

The five-belt function of the backpack system is to ensure a reliable combination of the backpack and the human body, to ensure the correct transmission of force and to support the load. Its materials, craftsmanship and design methods directly affect the comfort of the backpack. To ensure the comfort of the shoulders, the manufacturer invented the "S" strap, which allows the neckband to open the neck without blocking the shoulder bag. The material is molded at high temperatures to form a multilayer foam film and an elastic lycra outer layer, which makes the shoulders softer. The shoulder belt is connected through the vehicle body, which not only ensures the adjustment of the load center of gravity, but also meets the requirements of load bearing. The chest strap is only a small part of the carrying system, but it is not a trivial component. The main role of the chest strap is to adjust the opening of the shoulder strap.

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