automatic tree bags etc production

- Dec 13, 2019-

As the Chinese New Year approaches, many suppliers in China are starting to produce goods, especially outdoor garden products.

Lohas industrial co., LTD has containers coming to the factory almost every day recently to pull the goods, most of the goods are collapsible rain barrels, automatic tree bags, waterproof bags, outdoor gifts, waterproof mobile phone bags, large water bags and so on.

Every day, our production department to do the most, is to take orders, check the delivery date. This is something you check every day.

For some of the more difficult to do products, than the large collapsible water bags, large size buckets, are to have a person every day to keep track of the progress.

From today on, the guests' new orders, whether waterproof bags, or water bags, or camping tents, are delivered after the New Year.

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