An essential tent for hiking

- Apr 26, 2019-

Like hiking or hiking partners must be indispensable is the tent, so small make up have a question to ask everyone, you really will be correct to set up the tent method? Here's a good way to set up your tent.

1. Tent on hard, flat ground as much as possible. Don't camp on riverbanks and dry riverbeds.

2. Tent entrances should be lee, and tents should be away from rolling hills.

3. To avoid tent flooding when it rains, dig a drainage ditch just below the edge of the roof.

The corners of the tent should be held down with large stones.

5. Keep the air circulating in the tent, and prevent fire when cooking in the tent.

6. Check that all fires are extinguished and that the tent is securely secured before going to bed.

7. To prevent insects from entering, sprinkle kerosene around the tent.

8. The tent should face south or southeast to see the early morning sun, and the camp should not be on ridges or hilltops.

9. At least have a groove, not by a stream, so it won't get too cold at night.

10. Choose a site with good drainage, such as sand, grass, or cuttings.

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