Air shipping cost is higher in special time

- Apr 22, 2020-

Recently, due to the impact of new-type coronary pneumonia, the cost of shipping and aviation is really high.

Many small-sized goods will choose to be shipped by air in order to grab time. Like some of our outdoor products, foldable rainwater collectors, tree bags, shower bags, water bags, if the number is only one or two thousand, then the guests urgently need , They will choose air freight.

However, now that the problem has arisen, the price of air transportation is twice as high as usual, and the increase in transportation costs has caused customers to choose to cancel their orders.

At present, the most affordable way of transportation may be by sea, but if it is by sea, it will take a long time. It may take a month for these outdoor garden supplies to reach the guests' port. However, if the order is placed early, the production order is placed early, and sea transportation is also a suitable logistics method.

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