2020 Canton Fair

- Apr 20, 2020-

2020 is a special year.

Because of the new coronavirus, everyone must not only wear a mask to go out, they must not even go out, they must be isolated at home.

In previous years, China had two Canton Fairs each year, the Spring and Autumn Canton Fairs. Garden supplies, such as foldable rainwater tanks, garden water bags, irrigation bags, foldable large buckets, planting bags, garden products, etc. are all in the second phase. Then, waterproof bags, travel bags, portable pressure bags, car wash showers, picnic bags, picnic mats, camping tents, sleeping bags, etc. are held in the third phase.

However, this year's Canton Fair will change from offline to online. Therefore, everyone is now waiting for the announcement, and the Canton Fair may be held at the end of June.

By then, there will be many new rules and business opportunities. Guests at home and abroad do not have to travel thousands of miles from Europe and the United States to China. You can see these outdoor supplies and garden supplies directly in the computer.

Very convenient, looking forward to it.

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