Temporary Water Storage Tank

Temporary Water Storage Tank

A temporary water storage tank is a super large water storage tank that can be used to hold water. This large collapsible water storage tank can be used for temporary outdoor water storage, temporary garden water storage, marshland, soft biogas tank, etc.

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Temporary Water Storage Tank

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500 gallon


PVC tarpaulin

Temporary Water Storage Tank description

The weight of the temporary storage tank is light, collapsible, small in volume, easy to transport and carry, and can be moved and installed at will. The weight of the whole temporary water bag is only about 10-20kg, which is easy to carry. And the water storage tank equipment can be moved and installed at will. If the user moves to a new home, the equipment can be removed and installed separately.

Temporary storage tank installation is simple and fast, such as it as a soft biogas tank, pit depth can be arbitrarily selected according to user conditions. Folding biogas fermentation bag the body of the equipment (software) that is made of high strength plastic material, has high mechanical strength and elongation, and not subject to any geographical restrictions when installation, can be mounted on the basis of general (such as rural people and existing within the latrine, township building stairwells, and even a soft soil pit), even if the external force caused by the foundation of fermentation pool shake or deformation, this device can work as usual, free from any influence.

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