Foldable Water Storage

Foldable Water Storage

Foldable water storage is a good and nice water storage tank. This water storage is camouflage color, to be used in wild outdoor for soldier. Foldable water storage tank is a new type of large water tank for drinking water or irrigation water.

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Product Details

Product name:

 foldable water storage

Item no



 100 gallon


  TPU/ PVC tarpaulin

foldable water storage description 

This collapsible water tank is made of special materials and is very environmentally friendly. If there is a need for color, it can also be customized, of course, the size can also be customized. Materials can also be customized. Some garden purchasers like to order this foldable water storage bucket from us, which is used for garden irrigation and agricultural irrigation, but only to replace materials with other materials.

When making this kind of foldable rainwater bucket, there are two key factors. One is the making machine, which has strict requirements, size, size, model, and debugging. All the details must be done with the details of the collapsible portable water tanks, many of which are made by hot pressing process.

There are some very cheap foldable water storage buckets on the market that still use sewing technology. The foldable water storage buckets sewn out basically leak, but our foldable water storage buckets can be 100% watertight and safe.

collapsible water storage tanks

 collapsible tank

collapsible water tank

15L water carrier

foldable water storage fatory

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