Foldable Water Storage Tanks

Foldable Water Storage Tanks

The color of the foldable water storage tanks is camouflage. Generally speaking, soldiers will use camouflage to protect their colors when they are fighting or training on the battlefield. When you need a lot of drinking water to train, you can use this collapsible tank.

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Product Details

Product name:

 foldable water storage tanks

Item no



 300 gallon


  TPU/ PVC tarpaulin

foldable water storage tanks description

The collapsible water tank is made of special materials and is very environmentally friendly. If you need a color, you can also customize, of course, the size can also be customized. Materials can also be customized. 

The shape of the bucket is like a tumbler, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. This shape is good for the folding bucket to be fixed on the ground and play a stable role.

Want to know if this foldable bucket is popular? In addition to the feedback from our guests, in fact, the most important thing is that don't you buy and try to go to the market yourself? It will definitely surprise you.

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