Collapsible Water Storage Tank

Collapsible Water Storage Tank

Foldable water storage tank is good for irrigation plants, fruits etc. At present, there are still many problems in irrigation and water intake in agriculture, garden forestry, garden and other places. How to store water conveniently?

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collapsible water storage tank

Item no



 800 gallon


  PVC tarpaulin

collapsible water storage tank description

Collapsible water storage tank produced by Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. is a super large bucket specially used for large water storage, which can be used in garden irrigation, agricultural irrigation, garden irrigation and other places.

Because the water tank is foldable and large in size, it can be widely used to water rice, wheat, potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, vegetables, fruits, etc. in dry places, such as deserts or dry seasons.

The top ring of the water tank can be inflated in, which can immediately make the water tank bulge, stable and convenient for water filling. When inflating, you can use foot pump, air pump, electric pump, and even more you can blow it up with your mouth.

It has good performance in water-proof performance and friction resistance. In all kinds of fishing environment, the impact resistance is better than the general。

During the process of making the foldable water tank, lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. has just gone through many detours, but after many experiments and process improvements, it has the durable, beautiful and strong water container. The factory can produce more than 2000 such large collapsible cistern in one day. Every process is very particular. Each machine is specially customized and has been put into use after many times of debugging. So the folding water tank is absolutely superior in quality.

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