Watering Bags For Small Trees

Watering Bags For Small Trees

watering bags for small trees - automatic replenishment of rainwater and slow-release plants needed - new water-absorbing slow-release technology to prevent overwatering and underwatering. This watering bag is 32 gallon, the biggest one. The watering ring is large enough for small trees and bushes.

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watering bags for small trees

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 32 gallon


UV protection PVC

watering bags for small trees description

 the process of production is also changed. Since this 32 gallon shrub water bag has a collar.

 So that it can hold more water and keep the watering ring bag stronger .

When filling the tree bag with water, pay special attention to the use of matching pipes, that is, the outer diameter of the water receiving pipe is smaller than the inner diameter of the tree bag inlet, so that the water can be easily filled into the tree bag and will not leak Wasted.

This shrub watering bag with a collar, in the middle of it, is not only a circle, but a three-dimensional cylinder with high height. The design of this cylinder is to increase the volume and capacity of the watering bag without increasing the diameter of the watering bag, so that the water bag can accommodate twice the original size.

The tree water bag is a popular canton fair products, it has pass the SGS testa and Eupropean countries Enuromental Test. So it is very safe to use this tree bag to irrigate the trees and shrubs.

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