Watering Bags For Plants Shrubs

Watering Bags For Plants Shrubs

Watering bag for plants shrubs is A bag for watering shrubs.Nice, large capacity, automatic wateirng irrigation Plants shrubs needs water especially in summer,this watering bag may give them water anytime when nessory. Different shrubs needs different size, 15 gallon, 20 gallon, 32 gallon, etc.

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 watering bags for plants shrubs

Item no



 20 gallon 75L

Temperature Range:

-10 to 50 degree


UV protection PVC

watering bags for plants shrubs description

Watering bag for plants shrubs is A bag for watering shrubs.

A drip irrigation product was invented to keep shrubs and shrubs from dying of thirst during the hot summer months or in places like deserts where water is scarce.

This watering bags for plants shrubs  is a blessing for thirsty plants. It allows water droplets to drizzle down into the dry soil and slowly penetrate the roots of the plant, keeping the plant moist.

What's even more amazing is that the dripping bag is automatic and does not need to be guarded. Greatly reduced labor costs and effort. It provides people with great convenience.

For the watering bag , Lohas Industrial Co Ltd can make different style material and size and shape.

Green jacket watering bag , PVC tarpaulin, PE, PE tarpaulin material and PVC material.

Brown round watering bag, PVC, 0.45mm thick, UV resistant.


Watering Bags For Plants shrubs

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