Watering Bags For Plant Outside

Watering Bags For Plant Outside

watering bag for plant outside is a water bag used to water outdoor plants. "Conventional watering is not economical and the water dries out so easily in this heat that the young trees can't hold on to it." So, the maintenance workers in yiwu came up with a solution.

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watering bags for plant outside

Item no



 25 gallon 100L

Temperature Range:

-10 to 50 degree


UV protection PVC, PE tarpaulin, PVC tarpaulin

watering bags for plant outside description

 Watering bag for plant outside is a water bag used to water outdoor plants.

Since it is to water outdoor plants, the material of this water bag must be suitable for water, and water related materials. Because the place that water bag USES next is outdoor, need accepts wind and rain to beat, the baptism of the natural environment of severe cold and heat, so material must be firm, fight UV, not easy damage.

After repeated testing and research, Lohas Industrial co., LTD. use PE mesh cloth, PVC mesh cloth, anti-pressure and anti-ultraviolet PVC three different materials to produce this outdoor plant watering bag. Different outdoor plant lovers have different needs for watering plants, so there are three different materials to choose from.

These three types of outdoor plant watering bags, are anti-UV, anti-pressure, waterproof, strong, hard work, can automatically water plants irrigation tools, is an indispensable garden products irrigation tools.

Every morning, the workers in garden just need to fill our tree bags with water. Through a small opening in the bottom of the woven bag, the water in the tree bags can slowly and continuously flow to the root, achieving the effect of drip irrigation.

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