Watering Bags For Palm Trees

Watering Bags For Palm Trees

Palm trees planted in the courtyard, roadside and flower beds, the tree looks straight, verdant leaves, suitable for viewing the seasons. Wood can be used to make tools. But do you know how to irrigate the palm trees? When it comes to watering street trees, many people picture a sprinkler passing by, its care-workers holding hoses and pouring water into the roots. "It's not economical to water it this way, and the water dries up so easily in this heat that the young trees can't hold on to it." So, the maintenance workers in yiwu came up with a solution.

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watering bags for palm trees

Item no



 25 gallon 100L

Temperature Range:

-10 to 50 degree


UV protection PVC

watering bags for palm trees description


Palm plants have unique morphological characteristics and form part of the unique landscape of tropical plants. Palmetto is tall and beautiful. It is a southern scenery with strong adaptability and can resist a variety of toxic gases.

Palm trees are widely used and in short supply, so it is an ideal tree species that combines horticultural production and plant greening. It can be planted in groups or in groups. It is also commonly used in potted plants or barrel plants for interior and building decoration and decoration.

But how to water palm trees? Traditionally, palm trees are watered manually, but a lot of watering takes time and effort, so LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. produced a watering bag for palm trees, which is a round water bag.

Once the watering bag is filled with water, the watering bag will immediately begin to automatically water the trees. Completely unattended.

Tree-shaped watering bags can have different styles, including round, jacket-shaped, PVC material, PE tarpaulin material, PE material, PVC tarpaulin material. You can choose any one.

In terms of size, from 50L to 120L, various sizes are popular. In terms of materials, PE clip fabric is popular in the European and American markets, and other materials such as PVC are also great.

watering bags for palm trees handle

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