Watering Bag For Trees

Watering Bag For Trees

The watering bag is the welfare of all the trees. With this watering bag, the trees find their own water, their own water of life.

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 watering bag for trees

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  PE tarpaulin 

watering bag for trees description

How amazing. People no need stay with the trees all the time, no need take care of them every time.

Similarly, using this principle of irrigation, tree bags can not only water trees, but also irrigate shrubs, flowers, vegetables and other plants with the same effect.

In the summer and Autumn, some places are no rain, very luck of rainwater. But Trees can not live without water like human beings. So watering bags for trees are the spring for them, give me life water and make them grow up.

In Spring , there is lots of rainwater, the trees can drink water from rainwater directly , no need any watering bag. So you can fold it and put it in your warehouse. When next no water season, take it out again and fullfill water for the trees.

These watering bag for trees have a life span for about 1-5 years by using it carefully. So you can use it all the time, from one tree to another tree , very recycle and can use it frequently.

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