Water Bags For Trees

Water Bags For Trees

Tree watering bag, 20-gallon slow-release tree watering bag, tree watering bag made of durable PVC tarpaulin material with zipper

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  water bags for trees    

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    20 gallon




 PVC tarpaulin  

water bags for trees description


Water bag for trees has the following advantages:

1. The watering bag specially watered the newly planted tree

It is a slow-release watering bag that is perfect for new planting or construction of trees, with trunks 2 "8" in diameter, starting with at least 25 "branches from the ground or higher. For larger trees, you can compress multiple bags together. 2 tree watering bags compressed together fit 6" -16" diameter trunk. Be aware that a really young sapling (less than 2 inches in diameter) may be too small to use a tree watering bag.

2. Tree bags can keep trees hydrated and healthy, prevent new trees from drying up and dying,

Tree water bags provide a perfect solution that allows your plants to absorb the right amount of water without wasting it through runoff and evaporation processes. This watering bag keeps the soil around the tree moist, but it doesn't make the trunk wet, so you don't have to worry about the tree rotting.

3. The time of watering bag drip irrigation is 5-8 hours, which can be done by itself without the need for guard, which greatly saves manpower and material resources.

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