Water Bag For New Trees

Water Bag For New Trees

water bag for new trees description: Water saving: slow release water bag for trees, 100% water concentration.

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 water bag for new trees

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   15 gallon




 PVC tarpaulin  

 water bag for new trees description:

 Try to use this water bag for newtrees in hot season, since in Summer, your newtrees needs more and more water, but you do not have enough time for it, but the water bag can help you solve this problem.

If you want to go out, and you are worried that new plants will not survive in the hot water shortage, at this time, our automatic drip watering bag is your right arm, which can water your young seedlings wholeheartedly when you go out, and it will nourish the roots all the time.

In addition, when the tree is a little larger, you can add some nutrients such as fertilizer into the tree bag and mix them into the water, so that your plant can grow more healthily.

Water bags are a great product for those who live in deserts with temperatures in the 100-degree range. The trees in the desert are growing well, but they still need watering, and this drip irrigation system puts water on their roots. . These watering cans reassured me that the tree was being watered, not just the top 2-inch well of the tree. This will make a difference to my summer water bill.

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