Water Bags for trees

Water Bags for trees

Lohas Industrial Co Ltd is a 15 years outdoor garden products facotry . We are welcome OEM, ODM and Customized products orders from all over the world. Our tree watering bags, travel bags, waterproof backpacks, outdoor mats, picnic bags and water tanks are all very popular . For the tree bags, we can make different materials and styles.the quality is nice, production time is 15-35 days,price is compatative.

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 green watering bags

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  PE tarpaulin . PVC tarapulin, PE,


 watering bags for trees description

 We know that even if the tree bag is very strong and durable, but without careful maintenance, the service life of the tree bag will be greatly shortened.

 So, how to maintain tree bags? Here are 6 tips.

Tip 1. when using tree bags, do not drag them hard and rude after they are full of water, the material maybe come across the big stones, knife etc. Instead, surround the trees first, then fill them with water, without dragging. 

Tip2,When pulling the zipper of the tree bag, don't use force. No matter how strong the zipper is, it will break. Either the gear is broken or the zipper head is off. When using the zipper correctly, it is necessary to pull the zipper gently and slowly when surrounding the tree bag.

Tip3, When there is another problem to be noticed, don't use this tree bag to surround the large tree. The tree is very thick, so thick that the tree bag can't be surrounded. Then pull the zipper hard, which will open the tree bag.

 Tip 4, when filling water, don't fill it with water, just put it into 3 / 4 of the tree bag. This like trees drink water, when trees drink too much water, it may feel too full to get other nursery things and do not have freedom to have a rest. In this case, trees will not grow as fast as it can. so if water is too full, the water bag may have great pressure and it is always in a strong pressure time, this may make its life span shorter.

Tip 5, when the tree bag is no longer used, remember to wash the inside of the tree bag with clean water. The unclean things inside, such as leaves and soil, will corrode slowly after a long time, which will damage the material of the tree bag. Keep it clean.

Tip 6,  the washed tree bags must be dried, so keep it dry is also important. then folded carefully and stored in your home.

tree gator tree watering bag

tree watering bag 75L

tree gator tree watering bag PVC tarpaulin

watering bag for plants

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