Tree Watering Bags For Large Trees

Tree Watering Bags For Large Trees

Lehas industrial co., LTD produces a variety of tree bags, PE, PE mesh cloth, PVC, PVC mesh clothTree watering system can help you know Soil water stabilizer - to prevent soil from becoming too wet (root rot) or too dry (damaged trees), using soil water stabilizer will keep the soil at a healthy, moist level, allowing the trees to thrive. If the soil is too dry, look at what the tree is doing or measure it with a hygrometer. Grades from 3 to 8(out of 10) are ideal for tree growth!

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tree watering bags for large trees

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 15 gallon 75L


a rain barrel, a tree ring or green tree water bag, drip hose

Suit for place

 plant irrigation

tree watering bags for large trees description

Lohas industrial co., LTD produces a variety of tree bags, PE, PE mesh cloth, PVC, PVC mesh cloth

And so on. Among them, now the most popular is the new material PE mesh cloth, this PE mesh cloth material is a degradable, recyclable material, used in the end the tree bag itself can become a kind of fertilizer for plant nutrition.

I'm very satisfied with the water supply. I filled it up with a bucket and it held up well. My sprinkler system filled it with water. With this watering system, my tree looks great.

I put two watering bags in two small apple trees in a very remote, hot and dry place. They worked well and the trees grew well. I followed all the instructions and highly recommend them.

We've never been in a drought before, but it's not hot and dry, and it really keeps the trees hydrate

I really like the work of this product, but I really need it to work better. The tree watering system works on 1.5 inch diameter trees - more water efficient than traditional watering bags! Tree watering systems leave you relaxed and unprotected -- even in cold places, this irrigation system can cover trees with mulch, helping keep soil moisture levels at optimal levels while reducing evaporation, insulating roots and maintaining a stable supply of nutrients.

This watering system is definitely a good product. The sprinkler system etc, it has too much water to water our new tree, once we remove it from the dry area set up a few weeks ago, the water still expands and allocates a little time/running. Given that we're going to dry it and store it, we're going to have more than 3 weeks, let's put it in a humid place, it's going to be hot in Utah in the summer. When you put the tree in, you can use it to water the tree.


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